Eskom Expo for young scientists

Yesterday I had the privilege of judging at the Northern Gauteng Eskom Expo for young scientists. The venue (Sportst Complex of University of Pretoria) is very special to me because it was our national venue when I did Expo in high school. It was also the venue of ESI ’97 where I took part. This hall has many good memories…of doors being opened and of great science! Expo has meant a lot to me in high school and now as an adult I am encouraging my students to take part. We received 4 bronze medals at the Johannesburg Expo. Next year it will (hopefully) be silver or gold. If you would like more info about this great event please visit thier website. It is worth it! image


The participants getting ready yesterdayimage




Some teachers from my school at the judges training

20140529_114252_2 20140529_114304Some of the projects at our school expo.

I have some pictures of my brother and I when we where doing Expo in the ’90’s and I’ll post it as soon as I have his permission. He is a world traveler today and currently in America.

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Eskom Expo for Young Scientists



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