Good food and wine show Johannesburg 2014

Living in Johannesburg has its ups and downs. The downs being traffic and long queues everywhere. The up side is definitely great shows and other opportunities. This year we FINALLY got to go to the Good food and wine show and what a treat! I went there on Thursday, Friday and Sunday. On Thursday ‘n went with my sister to watch two other sisters Seline and Leandrie vd Watt and it was great to see them.  They are from Mafikeng and so are we so we always feel a sense of camaraderie with them even though we don’t know them. I’ve watched every episode of Masterchef which added to the experience.

20140731_193117 20140731_193120

We also had a chance to see another one of my heroes Chef Benny Masekwameng. He really is a great chef and his advice helped me to make great risotto for the first time.



Hubby and I went to Romancing the stove with Wellingtons and Jenny Morris and it proved to be a lot of fun. We made breakfast and we had our own cook off- and we were the judges of each others food. He won because my one pancake was raw in the,


20140803_11561220140803_115439 Pancakes with pear, bacon and cheese yum!20140803_11553520140803_115550The winner with his dish. 🙂

20140803_11551920140803_115526 Spinach flap jacks and steak with yummy Wellingtons steak house sauce (I’m addicted to it since then.)

20140803_120309 Empty plates.20140803_12105620140803_130855We also saw Leandrie and Jaco from Roast Re:public and were very inspired. Hopefully we will do a coffee roasting course with them soon. They really do a great job and they support schools. Visit their website and be part of the Re:public. The more coffee you drink the more people can be helped. I really love this idea!

20140731_162847   20140803_143205  20140731_16390720140731_163912Last but not least WE SAW MATT PRESTON LIVE! What a highlight! Unfortunately all of his books was sold out so we couldn’t ask him to sign it for us. Anyways his 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies made up for it!

The Good food and wine show was really a treat and I’m counting the days until next year!

Luckily for me I stay in Joburg and I have the Jacaranda Spring Walk to look forward to, Scope X next weekend and I was invited to the relaunch of the Hello Joburg Mag(yay!)! Never a dull moment. I’m loving life and will keep you posted.


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