Time to say goodbye…with a Bunny Chow

And then it was time to say goodbye! The 3 month visit that we looked forward to for soooo long was over in a blink of an eye. We had a lot of fun. We toured through Jozi, laughed at the Botanical gardens, watched the Sound of Music at Monte Casino and went to Pilanesburg. We tr20140607_122750ied to be American at the Pitstop Diner and even had a Mexican evening. We had a braai(actually a few) and we had a good fight that only siblings can have(and understand hehe) We saw our brother and gained a sister. So now in the true sense of the word I don’t have one “Varkie” anymore but two. It seemed like we can go on like this forever but alas it was time for them to go on a new adventure a road trip through the USA and meeting the American family. I’m amazed sometimes when I think what my brother accomplished and I am so proud of him! From humble beginnings one can go far. I mean he is a world traveler now and he is going to go far in life. Watch this space.20140607_123553


We said goodbye  at the airport with a Bunny Chow. A bunny chow is a South African dish. You take a quarter hallowed out bread. Fill it with meat/beans and serve. It is also best eaten with your hands. Legend has it that the laborers (slaves) in the early days in Durban developed it when they weren’t allowed to take their food to the sugar cane fields in20140607_112514 containers. You can find a Bunny Chow recipe here. Anyways it is real delicacy now that is widely enjoyed.

It was a good meal but a sad goodbye…
20140607_111350  Lindsay and me20140607_111328

Lindsay, Mom and Hawie20140607_112452Karin, Lindsay and Me with our Bunny Chows

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