Mexican-American-South African Food

I love cooking (and eating) food and I am always looking forward to learn something new. As I wrote earlier my brother and sister in law was visiting us earlier this year. Lindsay spent some time in New Mexico so she made us a Lindsay-version of Tacos.  She used mince, jalapeno’s, cheese etc. It was delicious! I think she must come back I want some more.

I don’t know a lot about Mexican food and this experience with the tacos was my first(and last up to date). I’ve read that the first record of tacos is of people living close to a lake in Mexico and filling a tortilla with small fish.

20140604_182606 Butch and Nastia was also invited to the party.20140604_181615 20140604_18214220140604_181621 Hawie and Lindsay preparing the master dish. I think they must enter Masterchef.

20140604_181629 20140604_181711Butch and Nastia kept a very close eye.

20140604_183940   20140604_183946 And finally time for eating…lekker.20140604_183954

We couldn’t think of a better way to round off the evening….playstation. 20140604_191111 20140604_191116


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4 thoughts on “Mexican-American-South African Food”

  1. While I was in NM this last week, I saw a restaurant that was African/New Mexico fusion and last year while in NM visiting my sister we went to Santa Fe and enjoyed the most delicious African food ever! It was my first time having goat and it was served in a lentil stew. I wanted to drive up again this week but we rain out of time and cuisines to try!


    1. Wow you are brave! I am from Africa and I haven’t even had goat. I enjoy lentil stew thought. What other dishes do they have on the menu? I really enjoy Oryx meat. I also enjoy Bunny Chow- I wrote in a blog about it Would you like it if I blog a bit about South African food? Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it. Have a great day!


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