Today is 9/11/14. A lot of people are thinking back on 9/11/01 and a lot of people are asking: Where were you when you heard?

I remember exactly where I was on that day. I was in the sitting room of Wag ‘n Bietjie hostel on the Potchefstroom Campus of the North West University. I was a second year student and we where just about to start with a prayer meeting. We were preparing for an outreach in December in George at the coast. It was before Facebook and Twitter. You couldn’t just do a search of a # on Twitter to see what is going on. You had to watch the news.

All of our teammates wasn’t there yet so we were sitting around talking. There was a TV in the room and all of a sudden someone said:’look” and turned up the TV. We watched in awe as the planes hit the building. We were shocked and stunned. When it was time for our meeting to start we prayed for the people of America.

Many years have passed since that day. And the world is a different place now. Even though I didn’t lose anyone that day I felt with the people of America. Today I have a closer link with America with friends and family from America.

I think of everybody that is sad about this event and I hope that this will never happen again.

Love from the Southern tip of Africa.


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