ScopeX 2014

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Yesterday was the BIG day! ScopeX 2014 was finally here!

When we arrived there we were met by two guides who guided us professionally throughout the day. First we went to set up our projects.



Thereafter we had  the opportunity to go into the Sci Bono Mobile planetarium. Inside the ” bubble” we learnt about 20140913_114815different planets and even watched a movie about light pollution.




It was time to go to the ExperiLab  show. We saw various experiments and even saw how “Elephant Toothpaste” is made. The show was very entertaining and insightful.  Outside there was a big tent that was changed int a “camera obscura” and also different ways to tell the time using your height etc. We also saw these interesting dustbins with lenses in them. They make everything look upside down. We also met 20140913_092455the lovely people of Suntoy.
They even gave us a solar car and fan to build at our Astronomy club. I’m sure we will have a lot of fun building it!

Some learners also entered a raffle at the West Rand Astronomy Association and Luyanda won a Galileo telescope! Thank you so much for the telescope it will be put to good use!

Right before lunch it was time for judging. Everyone enjoyed talking about their projects.




After an amazing lunch it was time for the prize giving and the organizers was so kind as to give everyone a prize. Every learner also received a Suntoy solar jar. This will come in handy as some learners don’t have electricity at home.  We also received a “Skyscout Personal Planetarium” for our Astronomy club. We will certainly use this when we visit HARTRAO soon. Thank you this will really help us!


Rokshana won a prize for her project on  planets. Well done!

All in all it was a GREAT day and much appreciated. Thank you so much for a well organized event. Thank you to everyone for sharing their knowledge and kindness. I hope we will be invited again next year. You can find the Scope X website here.

I will be posting more about our  Astronomy club here.


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