31 Days of Blessings

31 Blessings 1 October is finally here! It is our 3 year wedding anniversary and the first blessing that I want to share with you. I am married to an amazing man. We are from different backgrounds and from different parts of the country. (sometimes it feels like we’re from different planets.) But the important thing is that we love Jesus and we love each other. I can’t think what my life would be like without him.

Unfortunately his job entails that he needs to travel a lot but on the positive side I am thankful that he has a job. I miss him a lot when he is on the road. This week is one of those weeks that he is away from home- he is coming home on Friday I can’t wait!

IMG_1468 IMG_1936 IMG_1939 IMG_1962 IMG_1886


For more posts in this series please click here

For more posts in this series please click here

This post is part of the 31 days of 5 minute free writes challenge.

Day 1: It is my wedding anniversary today and I am blessed to be married.

Day 2: I am blessed with an AMAZING family.

Day 3: My mom is a blessing.

Day 4: My sister is a blessing (sometimes in disguise lol)

Day 5: My grandma was a blessing

Day 6: My brother and his wife is a blessing

Day 7: Our dogs are a blessing

Please click here for a list of posts about Blessings. Please like my Facebook page to stay informed.

31 Blessings

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Amanda Calitz

Very creative. Happily married. Living on a plot with my husband and two dogs. Loving life.

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