Day 5: My Grandma was a blessing


She was a strong woman that believed in Jesus above all. Ouma was always calm and collected and her Bible was never far from her. It was a real blessing to know my Gran  and I’ve written about her elsewhere in this blog. She had a great sense of humor but was firm as well. I have many fond memories of her.

In her old age she had a lot of pain but she never really complained.

When we where small she used to make us “gaatjiebrood” (directly translated it is hole bread) she would take an egg and bake it sunny side up and place it on a piece of bread. She would then make a hole(the size of the yolk) in another slice of bread (usually with a lid of a milk bottle). She would then place it on the egg so that the yellow shows. And there you have it: Gaatjiebrood. This was a real specialty for us grandchildren.

I miss her dearly but I know that she is safe with Jesus.

5 of Ouma’s 8 grandchildren
The famous five again at Ilandi’s wedding





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This post is part of the 31 days of 5 minute free writes challenge.

Day 1: It is my wedding anniversary today and I am blessed to be married.

Day 2: I am blessed with an AMAZING family.

Day 3: My mom is a blessing.

Day 4: My sister is a blessing (sometimes in disguise lol)

Day 5: My grandma was a blessing

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31 Blessings

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14 thoughts on “Day 5: My Grandma was a blessing”

  1. She sounds like a sweet, beautiful person. I miss my own grandmother more as each year passes. A heritage of those who followed Christ is such a blessing and a joy that keeps going. Blessings on your 31 Days!


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