Day 6: My brother and his wife is a blessing

hawie expo
My brother is the baby in the family (or so I’d like to think) He is four years younger than me so it is ok for me to think so I think?
amanda karin hawie
Karin, Hawie and me

Today he is a grown  man and he has a lovely wife. He decided to go to South Korea and there he found a lovely girl and they fell in love. So now we are blessed with a sister from across the ocean.

At the airport on their way to America
Hawie and Lindsay making Tacos
Lindsay makes the best tacos ever!
Hawie, me and Pieter

20140531_191236 20140531_191252_2 20140601_161502

Even though he is always on another continent (I’m not exaggerating read their blog) we still have regular contact. They visited us earlier this year and we hope to see them soon. Hopefully they will settle here who knows?



This post is part of the 31 days of 5 minute free writes challenge.

Day 1: It is my wedding anniversary today and I am blessed to be married.

Day 2: I am blessed with an AMAZING family.

Day 3: My mom is a blessing.

Day 4: My sister is a blessing (sometimes in disguise lol)

Day 5: My grandma was a blessing

Day 6: My brother and his wife is a blessing

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31 Blessings

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