Day 12: No matter what happens He will make something good out of it.

x trale Blessing #12 No matter what happens He will make something good out of it.


It happened in a split second. I was busy. And late. 1000 things on my mind. As usual. Then my foot got stuck. I realized I’m going to fall forward. I don’t want to fall on my face. Let me extend my arm. Maybe not. It’s too late.

I fell forward on my extended left arm on concrete. Now I’m lying there. Unable to get up. Dead from my left shoulder downwards.

I’m lying there on the concrete. Splat. Unable to get up and it feels like EVERYONE is there. Watching and wondering. Talk about a MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT. They say my arm looks pretty bad. It seems like it is in an unnatural position I hear them say. I don’t care I just wish  they would all go away and stop staring. I know they mean well but this is embarrassing. While I’m lying there waiting for the paramedics I phone my dearest husband.

“You need to come please. I fell”

I kinda hear the groan on the other side. I fall quite often but this was a fall to remember I presumed.

“No this time it’s pretty bad.” I tell him.

“Okay I’m coming” he said.


Finally they get me up and in the school’s sick room and my husband and the paramedics came. There is a big knob above my elbow and it is VERY sore.

The paramedic and my husband take me to casualty.

Falling so hard that you need to end up in casualty is that even possible? I thought.


After very painful X-rays it is determined that I need a radial head replacement and the doctor did the 20140213_064055_2operation that very same night.Here is the x-ray of my arm.

Thus a long road to recovery started. I felt a great sense of loss and discouragement.

I am left handed and being creative is a way for me to get rid of stress. Now here I am:

  • I cannot get dressed on my own.
  • I cannot paint, crochet or knit.
  • I cannot work in the garden.
  • I cannot comb my hair.
  • I cannot cook.
  • I cannot write.
  • I cannot wash the dishes. (and how I longed to be able to do that-strangely)

It was dark moments until I realized:

I can:

  • read
  • watch T.V.
  • talk
  • use my right hand
  • read my Bible
  • pray
  • praise God
  • I can be positive.I can be positive




The decision to be positive changed my whole perspective and it’s helped me a lot. I’ve had another operation up to date and there might be another one waiting. I will never be able to straighten my left arm again but I can write, crochet and be creative again. (I can even wash the dishes lol) There is still a long road ahead but I can do it with the love of God, my husband and family.


God took this event to teach me a few things:

  • He is in control.
  • He will never leave you. (Ps 23)
  • Stay positive and look up to Him.
  • It has strengthened the bond between my husband and I.
  • It has made me a stronger person.

I hope that my story has encouraged you in some way and that you know that no matter where you are God is still in control and with you.

Please feel free to leave your comments as I would love to hear from you,




My sister was in a serious car accident about two weeks before I fell so our arms as in braces for the best part of 2013 and 2014. Luckily neither of us needs to wear a brace now.



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17 thoughts on “Day 12: No matter what happens He will make something good out of it.”

  1. Thank you for sharing your positive outlook after your fall…we MUST keep a positive outlook!! I can actually relate…I recently had the battery changed in my pacemaker; should have only been a few days to recover – and during that recovery time I couldn’t use my left hand/arm much (I am also left-handed!); couldn’t wash my hair or brush it or whatever…and had to do the “sponge bath” thing since I couldn’t get my incision wet. Well, long story short…I got an infection around the incision and ended up in the hospital for 5 days (1/2 day in ER and 5 admitted) to receive IV antibiotics…God definitely had my attention to TAKE IT SLOW and recover!!! But, I KNEW he was with me…the night I was taken to my room, it was after 11 pm…I looked out my window to see a beautiful cross on top of the building, lit up in all it’s glory against the dark night sky! I appreciate your story; your blog; and your sharing!!! I have subscribed and look forward to reading more – sorry this is long…it makes me feel that what I am sharing is worth while to someone else if they share THEIR connection to what I have to say!!! 😉


  2. Thank you so much for your comment Barbara. It is great that you can relate. Before my fall I thought that if you injure your hand it’s not that bad. But now I’ve realized it is bad and you use your hand or hands in almost everything you do. I wasn’t sure if I should share these thoughts with anyone but it ended off being all positive. You see God can make anything for the best. I am happy to hear that you’ve recovered and that you felt God’s presence. It is very comforting. Thanks for subscribing. I have a few “light” post scheduled and then a few “heavy” ones where I will once again open my heart in the hope that I will help someone. Have a great evening. I’m off to bed now 🙂


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