The 31 Days is over!

The 31 Days is over!

I’ve learnt so much here is the top posts for the 31 Day challenge!

See you again next year.

Day 12: No matter what happens He will make something good out of it. 52
Day 20: A blessing in disguise 47
Day 10: 31 Blessings: I am blessed to have a testimony 43
Day 5: My Grandma was a blessing 42
Day 7: Our dogs are a blessing (Michelle’s weekly pet challenge) 38
Day 4: My sister is a blessing 22
Day 15 Blessing #15 You are able to overcome anything through His guidance and your belief in Him. 19
Day 19: Blessing #19 God gave you a talent as a blessing 18
Day 14: Blessing #14 He wants what is best for you. 17
Day 8: 31 Blessings I am blessed by music (1) 16
Day 2: I am blessed with an AMAZING family. 16
31 Days of blessings 16
Day 3: My mom is a blessing 15
Day 27: Blessings: It is a blessing to travel. 11
Day 21: Blessing #21 Living in South Africa is a blessing 11
31 Days of Blessings 10
Day 18: Blessings: God can use you no matter how broken you are. 10
Day 13: Blessing #13: Jesus never stops loving you. 9
Day 11: 31 Blessings Jesus gave His life 8
Day 6: My brother and his wife is a blessing 7

This post is part of the 31 days of 5 minute free writes challenge.

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31 Blessings