Day 1: 2015: A year of Grace

grace I’ve decided to join One word for 2015. The word I’ve chosen is grace because it is something that I’ve thought about a lot since October. In October I did a series 31 Days of blessings and that made me realize the amount of grace that I’ve received from God as well as the amount of Grace that I need. Please follow me on this journey in 2015. For a list of posts in this series please click here.

Day 1: 2015: A year of Grace

Day 2: What does grace mean?

Day 8: Quotes

 The best thing about One Word is that there are no rules.    The word should promote growth and courage.  It shouldn’t be too narrow, should be able to be interpreted in a variety of ways.  Click on the picture below for more info:


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9 thoughts on “Day 1: 2015: A year of Grace”

  1. Good luck, Amanda, with your Year of Grace! I plan to follow yours and others – maybe not daily; but I will read them…not sure that I can commit to a full year – even though I did the write31day challenge; I have been doing the Tuesday @ Ten and Five Minute Friday…perhaps I’ll jump in if something comes to me – I have been thinking about “remember(ing) for a few days now; maybe that is my word?

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Love your one word. I’ve read the 31 Days of blessings in October as well. I’m going to slow down a bit this year and try to do things in a more mindful way.


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