An unexpected mountain to climb.

So I am part of a network called Faithful Finish Lines. The aim of the group is to live a healthier life. It went really well the first two weeks and the beginning of the third week. I was really “being healthy” in all the “right” ways. Then I hit a road bump on Tuesday, an unexpected mountain to climb.

My dear Mom was diagnosed with cancer. It is still hard to say it because if you say it out loud it means that it is true. My first reaction was emotional eating and not wanting to exercise. By Friday I realized that I need to be fit and healthy to climb this mountain. I cannot let extra weight hold me back- I have a long road to travel. So as of Sunday I’m back on track(mostly)  and determined to walk this road physically and emotionally.

If it wasn’t for this amazing group at Faithful Finish Lines this whole process would’ve been harder. Thank you for your support!

This Bible verse got new meaning for me in the past few days.