31 Days of blessings

I am excited to announce that in October I will be taking part in the 31 days of 5 minute free writes. My theme will be 31 Days of blessings. I really have so much to be thankful for!

Day 1: It is my wedding anniversary today and I am blessed to be married.

Day 2: I am blessed with an AMAZING family.

Day 3: My mom is a blessing.

Day 4: My sister is a blessing (sometimes in disguise lol)

Day 5: My grandma was a blessing

Day 6: My brother and his wife is a blessing

Day 7: Our Dogs are a blessing

Day 8: I am blessed by music

Day 9: I am blessed by music (2)

Day 10: I am blessed to have a testimony.

Day 11: Jesus gave His life for you.

Day 12: No matter what happens He will make something good out of it.

Day 13:Jesus never stops loving you.

Day 14: Jesus wants what is best for you.

Day 15: You are able to overcome anything through His guidance and your belief in Him.

Day 16:There is always a rainbow somewhere. Just look for it.

Day 17: Prayer is a blessing

Day 18: God can use you no matter how broken you are.

Day 19: God gave you a talent as a blessing.

Day 20:He allows things to happen to you in order for you to help others.

Please click here for a list of posts about Blessings. Please like my Facebook page to stay informed.

31 Blessings

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Amanda Calitz

Very creative. Happily married. Living on a plot with my husband and two dogs. Loving life.

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